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Treatment Warranty

Treatment Warranty


At Sunset Dental Professionals, we are proud of the dentistry we provide for you and we are confident of the durability of our treatment.  Our goal is to not only correct any dental problems you may have but also show you how to prevent problems in the future.  The long-term success of the dental treatment we provide for you depends upon care of your teeth and gums, regular professional exams, cleanings and fluoride treatments.  Recommended products and the frequency of maintenance visits depend on your individual condition.  With that in mind, we are pleased to offer you the following limited dental treatment warranty






Sunset Dental Care Warranty


Patient’s Responsibility

Crown, Bridges, Porcelain Veneers, Inlays, Onlays


5 Years Warranty

Any fracture with normal use, we will replace or repair them at no additional charge.



1.) Keep your prescribed professional teeth cleaning appointments.  This allows us to monitor and maintain your dental work. (Al appointments must be kept within 30 days of our recommended schedule).


2.)  Maintain your account in good standing


3.) Have all recommended dental treatment(s) performed by our office, include the treatment of jaw-occlusal dysfunction and use of bruxism guards if recommended.


4.)  This warranty does not include anything not mentioned here, including gum line desensitization, root canal therapy, night guards, nor does it cover damages caused by accidents, trauma, neglect or improper use (e.g., grinding, clenching, chewing ice or biting non food items).


5.) Other terms and restrictions might apply

Composite Fillings or Bondings


2 Years Warranty



Any failure with normal use, we will replace or repair them at no additional charge.










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